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Canadian T-Rex Officially The Largest Land Animal Ever Found
After thirty years a fossilized T-Rex is at last put on display (CCSS Level: Grade 9, Words: 284)
Mar 26, 2019 History

Nearly thirty years after being discovered, the fossilized remains of a Tyrannosaurus Rex have officially been claimed to be the largest ever found. The huge creature died around 66 million years ago in an area that is today known as the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Paleontologists (people who study fossils) uncovered the skeleton in 1991. They nicknamed the T-Rex 'Scotty,' and they estimate that it may have weighed nearly 9,000 kg (around the weight of 6 SUV's) when it was alive.

Though the T-Rex skeleton was discovered way back in 1991, it was embedded in hard sandstone that took experts many years to remove. After spending more than 10 years laboriously chipping away the sandstone, paleontologists spent many more years putting all the pieces together. After all that work, and 28 years later — we can now behold the immense nature of this discovery.

According to an announcement from the University of Alberta, 'Scotty' the dinosaur measured around 13 metres in length during its life, and it appears the T-Rex lived for around 30 years before it died from unknown causes. Experts describe that estimated lifespan as unusually long for a Tyrannosaur.

Marks that can be seen on the bones point to the creature having suffered and healed from multiple large injuries during its seemingly violent life, including a jaw infection, broken ribs, and what may have been a bite from another large dinosaur on its tail. At this time, this creature is the largest land-based predator ever to be found.

The public will have a chance to see the fossil in all its glory, starting in May, when the Royal Saskatchewan Museum will put the assembled remains on display in a newly constructed exhibit.

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tried to achieve something; pointed at



give information, make something public



a public statement or notice



in addition to



get together or put together the parts



to take back



to say one owns something    



an animal, as distinct from a human being



a large reptile that lived millions of years ago



found, uncovered



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persons with great skill in some area



what is left behind of a very old life form



very big, huge



containing, having as part of the whole



hurt or damage to the body



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a scientist who studies fossils of extinct animals



an animal that eats others



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