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Team NZ Uses Simulations In America's Cup Preparations
Team New Zealand's big call - no smaller test boat ahead of America's Cup (CCSS Level: Grade 7, Words: 343)
Nov 20, 2018 Sports

Team New Zealand's build of their first foiling monohull for the 2021 America's Cup is under way.

Team New Zealand will take a different approach in their preparations for the 2021 America's Cup. Dan Bernasconi, head of design at Emirates Team New Zealand, confirmed there was progress being made on the 75 foot monster that cannot be launched before the end of next March under Cup rules.

While challengers Ineor Team UK, American Magic and Luna Rosa have all launched scaled down vessels, Mr Bernasconi said they were in no rush to get a boat on the water. "We've put our efforts into simulation," he said. "We believe a lot in the skill of our simulation engineers and being able to develop stuff that way. It worked for us last time, so while it's good to see other teams proving the concept, we're pretty confident in our path."

While other teams have been able to test the concept on the water, some have experienced issues including capsizes.

While Team New Zealand stay dry running simulations, Bernasconi said they had eyes on the other teams to stay on top of how they were tracking in their preparations.

"We've got over to the States and to the UK looking at how those boats are sailing and, yeah, we're pretty interested and paying close attention to what's happening. We are gaining a little bit from that. Hopefully they're not able to see what we're doing in the simulation world behind closed doors."

Team New Zealand chief executive Grant Dalton has mentioned how important the use of technology, including simulations, will be before the 2021 regatta, and Team New Zealand have partnered with Spark to make the most of the proposed 5G network.

It will allow them to feed information directly from the sensors on the boat - as much as 1000 signals per second - into land-based computers. "The America's Cup is as much a technology race as it is a yacht race. We know the scope for 5G technology to make the boat go faster is significant. "

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