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Huge Dinosaur Footprint Is Possibly Largest Ever
Titanosaur left its mark in mud in Mongolia, 90 million years ago (CCSS Level: Grade 7, Words: 322)
Oct 10, 2016 History

Dinosaurs with big feet leave behind big footprints, and possibly the largest ever found has just been discovered in the Gobi desert in Mongolia. Somewhere between 70 to 90 million years ago, a type of dinosaur known as a titanosaur walked across some soft mud. A few of these mud prints filled with sand and silt, which hardened like cement. Then, long after the titanosaurs died out, the prints remained. Then, millions of years later, a Mongolian paleontologist found a few of them.

What a huge animal it must have been to leave behind such colossal footprints. One of the biggest tracks was just over a metre long and 90cm across. It is even possible to make out the dinosaur's massive nails as well.

The researchers told the world about their discovery of the footprint, which is around about the size of a small kitchen table, on Friday in Japan. It is one of the biggest known footprints to be found anywhere in the world. Other footprints of a similar size have been found in Morocco and in France. "However the Mongolian one is very well preserved, " said Japanese scientist Ishigaki.

It is hard to work out the size of the dinosaur just from its footprint, but Mr Ishigaki and his team think it was probably 20 to 30 metres long. Dinosaur hunters have been searching for dinosaur prints in Mongolia since 1957, when a researcher came across many tracks in the cold, dry desert. The Gobi has since been found to have the most dinosaur tracks of any place on Earth. Since the first prints were discovered more than 20,000 different tracks have been uncovered, made by many different types of dinosaur.

What type of massive dinosaur left these tracks has not been worked out yet, but because of Mongolia's reputation for fossil finds, the sands of the Gobi almost certainly hold even more amazing clues about these massive dinosaurs.

What was needed to allow the dinosaur footprint to be preserved for so long?
sand and silt
Which other word in the article means the same as "huge"?
Why is it likely that the Gobi desert has still more fossil finds to be discovered?
It is remote and largely unexplored place
It is a huge sandy desert in Central Asia
Many other fossils have already been found
It is a warm wet place, so it has lots of mud
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Huge Dinosaur Footprint Is Possibly Largest Ever
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makes you surprised



huge, very large



not the same



a large reptile that lived millions of years ago



found, uncovered



what is left behind of a very old life form



huge, very big




a scientist who studies fossils of extinct animals



kept going, looked after



stayed behind



a belief about something



looking for knowledge



person who searches for knowledge