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'Wonder Woman' Powering To Super Status This Weekend
DC's Film Review: Wonder Woman (CCSS Level: Grade 8, Words: 454)
Jun 16, 2017 Culture & Entertainment

The highly anticipated blockbuster "Wonder Woman" has brought in upward of $453.7 million at the box office so far and at the same time scored a 92 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The long road to completion of this new version of the "Wonder Woman" story is worth a comic book in itself. This is not your average superhero movie. As a package, it has everything. However, it took over 20 years to make. The blueprint for the movie had languished in development since 1996, through years of indecision, scheduling conflicts and cast changes. The current director, Patty Jenkins, was supposed to direct it in 2005 and had to pull out due to an unexpected pregnancy.

In the end, it was fortuitous that "Wonder Woman" seemed to "wait" for Patty Jenkins to be ready to direct it. She is the first woman director to helm a superhero film with a female protagonist. She had a great vision for the film and put together a top-of-the-line team. The locations were carefully chosen to mirror the actual environments being portrayed. The streets of Themyscira, the birthplace of "Diana/Wonder Woman", were shot in a part of Southern Italy that probably looks the same as it did in ancient Greco/Roman times. World War I battle scenes were filmed in the British countryside.

The quality of the acting and storyline in "Wonder Woman" prove that the film is more than just a series of battle sequences. As Diana enters the world of men, the audience laughs, cries and occasionally cringes as she grapples with a world where truth is elusive, morality is ambiguous, love is complicated and women cannot walk the streets of London in armour and carrying a sword. The romance between Diana and Steve is refreshingly moving without dominating the plot. She is allowed to be sexual without being sexualised.

All in all, "Wonder Woman" is a tremendous success, uplifting women without comparing them to men. Diana embodies traits that men and women alike strive for. She is brave, independent, kind, driven, compassionate and selfless. Diana is the Wonder Woman that we all need.

After opening much higher than expectted and then enjoying one of the best second weekend holds of any superhero film in history, the critically acclaimed DCU picture continues to enjoy strong audience word of mouth and repeat business carrying it toward an expected worldwide take of roughly $550 million by close of business Sunday. Adding an extra boost to the International totals, Wonder Woman has opening in Germany, Switzerland, Norway, and hit Netherlands this weekend. Those receipts plus indications of solid holds in return markets and limited competition from other films suggest a strong $70+ million global total this weekend.

Why "Wonder Woman" is a tremendous success?
she is very beautiful
touching story
uplifting women without comparing them to men
a superhero movie
What does "blockbuster" mean?
have great power
great commercial success
all of these
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tried to achieve something; pointed at



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very old



experiencing or expressing severe mental or physical pain or suffering



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