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Battle Between China's Go Champion and An AI Machine Begins
"Ultimately, it doesn't matter whether AlphaGo wins or loses … either way, humanity wins." (CCSS Level: Grade 7, Words: 388)
May 25, 2017 Sports

In March 2016 Google's DeepMind defeated South Korean Go master Lee Sedol 4-1. After lee lost to AlphaGo, Ke Jie boldly declared:"Bring it on!"

China's Ke Jie, 19, who turned professional at 11 and describes himself as pretentious, has swung between awe and disdain for AlphaGo. On the eve of the much-anticipated game, the young world-title holder posted on his Weibo account: "No matter, win or lose, this will be my final contest with an AI. I believe the future belongs to AI for it is leaping forward at a pace far beyond our imagination. But is still a machine. I can't feel its love and passion for Go. I will fight against it with all of my enthusiasm. I will never give up."

AlphaGo uses two sets of "deep neural networks" containing millions of connections similar to neutrons in the brain. It is partly self-taught, having played millions of games against itself following initial programming.

AlphaGo defeated Ke Jie in the first round match in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province - the birth place of the 3,000-year-old board game. Ke Jie was defeated by just a half a point, which is the closest margin possible, but scoring versus AlphaGo is a little bit disingenuous as the AI doesn't try to win by a large margin. It just plots the surest route to victory, even if it's only by half a point.

"I feel like his game is more and more like the 'Go god'. Really, it is brilliant," Ke said.

Today's real-life match was a little different than previous contests, though. According to DeepMind cofounder Demis Hassabis, Ke Jie "used the ideas AlphaGo used in the online games in January; in other words, Ke Jie tried to use AlphaGo's own moves against itself. Clearly it didn't quite work out, but 'some wonderful moves were played," said Hassabis.

Ke and AlphaGo will face off again on Thursday, and the finale will be on Saturday. On Friday there'll be a number of exhibition matches, including AlphaGo versus the combined mental muscle of five Chinese professionals.

Hasabis commented that "This isn't about man competing with machines, but rather using them as tools to explore and discover new knowledge together," he said before Tuesday's match. "Ultimately, it doesn't matter whether AlphaGo wins or loses … either way, humanity wins."

Why did Sasabit comment before the even that "Ultimately, it doesn't matter whether AlphaGo wins or loses…either way, humanity wins"?
he does not have faith that an AI can win
Ke Jie is too skillful, as he is the world record holder
AI's are, after all, developed by humans
not sure
Why does Ke Jie think the AI is not disingenuous?
Ke Jie was defeated by just a half a point
the AI doesn't try to win by a large margin
the AI just plots the surest route to victory
all of the above
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regard as probable; expect or predict



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put together, mixed



not the same



consider to be unworthy of one's consideration



pretending that one knows less about something than one really does



intense and eager enjoyment or interest



time still to come    



living in your head, made up



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to do with the mind



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attempting to impress by pretending to be more important, cultured etc.






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move or cause to move back and forth or from side to side



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