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101-year-old Athlete Lands In New Zealand For Masters Games
World Masters Games kick off in Auckland New Zealand 2017 (CCSS Level: Grade 6, Words: 456)
Apr 24, 2017 Sports

Man Kaur has travelled more than 13,000km to reach Auckland, so what's 100 metres more for this remarkable 101-year-old athlete from India. In fact, she's the only woman at her age to be doing what she's doing. Kaur and her 79-year-old son Gurdev have arrived for the World Masters Games, where she will compete in the 100m, 200m, javelin and shot put. When Gurdev first began competing, he noticed a number of older women athletes running around and thought his mother could do the same.

"I took her to the grounds and saw she could run 400m without any problem, " Gurdev said. "And that was the start of her athletic life."

After 19 hours of flying over two days, Kaur entered the Auckland Airport arrival hall in a wheelchair and happily took questions with her son translating. But when given the chance, she got up from the chair and skipped at an impressive speed through the hall, showing the form befitting a woman who trains in the gym one day and on the track the next. "She never feels tired," says Gurdev, who details her other athletic excursions to competitions in the United Staes, Canada and Taiwan, picking up a number of gold medals.

What's more, Gurdev reveals that two months ago, she was found to have severe osteoporosis of the spine and he showed a rather graphic x-ray on his phone to prove it. Doctors have told him: "We don't know how she runs." But she still managers to run around the track and her performance for the 100m American Masters in August was a brisk time of one minutes 23 seconds - slower than her personal best of one minute 10 seconds.

Gurdev said it came down to a balanced lifestyle. "She's eating good food and training and there's no ill will against anyone, so her mind is very good," he said. She inspires everyone. There's so many people in India, they're writing every time on Facebook about how she is doing. When she finishes a race or event so many people like her, so many people want to have a photograph with her, so that's good for her. She's also the oldest competitor at the games by six years. She's the only contestant in her age bracket over 100 years, meaning she'll automatically pick up gold in each of the four events."

The World Masters Games, with the opening ceremony at Eden Park, Auckland last Friday night, will host close to 25,000 athletes in what is one of the biggest sporting events of its kind in the world. The games are set to add $30.8 million to Auckland's GDP as well as 244,000 visitor nights from the athletes and spectators.

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101-year-old Athlete Lands In New Zealand For Masters Games
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persons good at sport



little or no human control    



able to work on its own



active, fast, and energetic



a special time to celebrate and event



able to be as good as others




a contest to see who is the winner



a rival, someone in competition



to hold or organise



liked for its size or quality, awesome



to do something creative



a light spear thrown in a competitive sport or as a weapon



become aware of



been around for the longest time



a medical condition in which the bones become brittle and fragile from loss of volume



put on a show



how well you do at something /a show put on for others to watch



something that might be harmful, needing to be solved



amazing, hard to believe



to make known



the chance of something happening



having an uneven or irregular surface; not smooth or level



the bones of the back



a chair with wheels for someone who cannot walk