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MaxNewz - designed with your children in mind

What are the seven biggest predictors of future success - in education, in career, in life?









MaxNewz is designed to foster all these learnable characteristics!  The MaxNewz team thoughtfully gathers positive news that interests growing readers and presents it on our carefully curated site. And at the same time as they are finding out about the world, kids are also improving their English-language skills. MaxNewz covers the globe and gathers a wide range of content, including quality articles about great people, our amazing natural world, fascinating science and technology, outstanding sportspeople and their achievements.

How does MaxNewz help students to learn?

MaxNewz contains up-to-the minute information on important and interesting current affairs, research and news. MaxNewz helps to develop a variety of skills and thinking competencies that link to core curriculum objectives for English language learning.

MaxNewz helps students to:

  • get into the habit of reading
  • develop thinking skills
  • connect with their local and world communities
  • build informed opinion
  • engage in online learning environments
  • link the classroom with the world
  • become involved in further inquiry

MaxNewz students read, think, interact and respond. Our readers are on their way to becoming active and informed citizens.

All content is written in English for students of different ages and interests. Our chief editor has extensive teaching experience, international teacher qualifications, understands current language skills training methods and scenarios.